A A R U T H R A®

Hello there!


I’m Aaruthra from India and my vision for this start-up is to create products that inspire people To-Do more, Create more & Live more, Every single day!


And yes! I self taught my way from art to graphic designing to Stationery Business.

Would like to know more about me & the brand.. !? Grab yourself a cup of coffee and scroll through 🙂

My academic history is one of the most interesting things about me..

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) (not at all bragging about my 3 world ranks though 🙈) + MSc in Professional Accountancy from University of London + MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship, all at once!

Uffff! Sounds crazy right?


A super-nerd who never gave up on creativity after all.!

Branding mugs
Why art & designing then?
ACCA awards

Every single one asks me that!

Yes, I enjoy my full-time Finance profession, but I also chose to stick to Art & Business because I share the same passion & calling towards both art and the ever-changing world of Business & Finance.

All these academic certifications & awards did their job of making me trust in myself & my calibre to manage both of my passions intact!

How did Aaruthra® begin?

April, 2018
Started an Art Page to keep track of my daily artwork.
June, 2018
First logo design order!
August, 2018
Started getting regular orders to design Logos & Wedding invites.
October 2018
Developed 12 separate artwork & launched my first ever product, 

The Art Calendar 2019!
It was a breakthrough product which sold out in Hundreds of copies!
December 2018
Registered the brand name.
May 2022
Launched the brand in London,UK and began Trade


And happily ever after.. I never stopped creating!

What are you
passionate about?

I’m passionate about getting inspired, creating whilst exploring life & passion. And that’s something I wanted to share with people!

Florals, then Abstract paintings, and then Landscapes, then wellness products!
What all can we find in Aaruthra®?

Good question!
Its not a regular firm-like brand, I wanted it to be lively & humane-ly,
so you get to explore my world of inspirations & my perceptions through
my illustrations, designs & products.
I don't restrict much onto a particular genre or style or concept,
I explore, I learn, I get inspired, I create & try to inspire others over the same!
My Planners & Journals are thoughtfully idealised and developed on the thought of
'Celebrating Work, Creative spirit & Life on a day-to-day basis "

Hope you got to know me and the brand better:)

Thank you so much for stopping by!
- Aaruthra

Aaruthra designer