Hello there!

Preethika Raviraja


I’m Preethika Raviraja, Founder of Aaruthra. I’m from India and my vision for this start-up is to create products that inspire people To-Do more, Create more & Live more, Every single day!


And yes! I self taught my way from art to graphic designing to Stationery Business.

Would like to know more about me & the brand.. !? Grab yourself a cup of coffee and scroll through 🙂

My academic history is one of the most interesting things about me..

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) (not at all bragging about my 3 world ranks though 🙈) + MSc in Professional Accountancy from University of London + MBA in Fashion Entrepreneurship, all at once!

Uffff! Sounds crazy right?


A super-nerd who never gave up on creativity after all.!

Why art & designing then?
Mandala Journal

Every single one asks me that!

Yes, I enjoy my full-time Finance profession, but I also chose to stick to Art & Business because I share the same passion & calling towards both art and the ever-changing world of Business & Finance.

All these academic certifications & awards did their job of making me trust in myself & my calibre to manage both of my passions intact!

How did Aaruthra begin?

April, 2018
Started an Art Page to keep track of my daily artwork.
June, 2018
First logo design order!
August, 2018
Started getting regular orders to design Logos & Wedding invites.
October 2018
Developed 12 separate artwork & launched my first ever product, 

The Art Calendar 2019!
It was a breakthrough product which sold out in Hundreds of copies!
December 2018
Registered the brand name.
May 2022
Launched the brand in London,UK and began Trade


And happily ever after.. I never stopped creating!

What are you
passionate about?

I’m passionate about getting inspired, creating whilst exploring life & passion. And that’s something I wanted to share with people!

Florals, then Abstract paintings, and then Landscapes, then wellness products!
What all can we find in Aaruthra?

Good question!
Its not a regular firm-like brand, I wanted it to be lively & humane-ly,
so you get to explore my world of inspirations & my perceptions through
my illustrations, designs & products.
I don't restrict much onto a particular genre or style or concept,
I explore, I learn, I get inspired, I create & try to inspire others over the same!
My Planners & Journals are thoughtfully idealised and developed on the thought of
'Celebrating Work, Creative spirit & Life on a day-to-day basis "

Hope you got to know me and the brand better:)

Thank you so much for stopping by!
- Preethika